The Whaling Club

The Whaling Club has become one of the finest full-service cocktail companies serving the Los Angeles and Southern California area. Founders Dan and Marie Scott built this company after extensive experience in some of LA’s best restaurants, bars, and hotels. Dan as head bartender and a 2015 recipient of Zagat’s 30 under 30 in Los Angeles and Marie as successful photographer and designer, these two have made a memorable impact in the hospitality and event industry through their joined talent and creativity. Specializing in weddings, The Whaling Club has a way of creating cocktails that are not only enticing in looks but also taste dangerously good. With excellent presentation and service to exquisite craft and flavor,  The Whaling Club covers all the bases when it comes to high-end cocktails and hospitality. We admire the work and vision of The Whaling Club and how their cocktails add a personalized touch that creates the perfect aura for our weddings and events.

Photos by Emily Blake Photography and Marie Buck Photography

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