Rebecca Yale Photography

From early on in her life Rebecca Yale held photography as a passion of her and is now living it as a successful Los Angeles fine art wedding photographer for not only Southern California weddings but worldwide. Influenced, but torn between all genres of photography, it wasn’t until she found weddings that she discovered a space where she got to pursue all her interests. Rebecca’s talent can be described as photojournalist’s spin on fine art wedding photography, but there’s so much more to it than that. She does not conform to not one specific photography style, but instead, she merely plays with light and her surroundings in real moments to create images that are memorable and meaningful. As a Los Angeles fine art wedding photographer, she loves getting to bring in her fashion and styling background photographing the details of the day, shooting everything from still life flat lays to the flowers and decor, but also creating grand epic cinematic portraits of the bride and groom and then later capturing candid and honest moments during the wedding receptions. Even though she is a Los Angeles fine art wedding photographer, Rebecca is available to travel anywhere, and we are always thrilled when she makes it up to our Ojai and Santa Barbara weddings. With her colors and tones always her own, but her subjects often so vastly different, she adapts to them and shows off her couples personalities in each of her photos, making her artistry never generic and always unique.  We adore Rebecca and her talent, as she coincides to her client’s vision and vibe and her artistic eye consistent in using beautiful light and authentic moments to produce photographs that not only portray the mood of the weddings but the emotions that were felt on that special day.

Photos by Rebecca Yale Photography 



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