Pineapple Petals Studio

Pineapple Petals Studio, a floral design studio based in Sacramento California, has been known for their floral designs as being nothing short of amazing. Thuy and Nikki, owners and creatives behind Pineapple Petals Studio, are both innovative minds that come from creative backgrounds; Thuy in architecture and photography, and Nikki in engineering forming an artistic partnership that has thrived in the floral and wedding industry. With nature as their muse,  Pineapple Petals Studio source their flowers from local and exotic flower farms to create free-flowing arrangements that resemble an organic but classic style. The use of colors and patterns in their floral arrangements is undeniably breathtaking, making their designs a definite show-stopper at California weddings and events. Whether it’s a soft and romantic or bright and vibrant look, Thuy and Nikki have a way of making each arrangement unique in its beauty through the collaboration of the different textures, colors, and patterns found in nature. Although Pineapple Petals Studio develops a variety of floral looks, they specialize in creating bridal bouquets that take on a natural and timeless vibe.  We especially love their light colorful pieces with warm undertones, as they are reminiscent of colors we so often see in the Ojai Valley.  We are in awe of Pineapple Petals Studio’s ability to compliment any bride and tie together wedding designs with their exquisite floral arrangements.


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